Values, Fundamentals & Objectives of the Business Consulting Society

The Business Consulting Society (the BCS) is a student society with the objective to bring students closer to the world of consulting & management.


The primary objective of the BCS is practically related training of students for the professional life in cooperation with companies related to consulting and management.

Our secondary objective is to encourage networking between students (within our faculty as well as beyond) and offering students an opportunity to develop their soft skills, specialize their knowledge and enhance their student experience through events and workshops.

Practical approach

We want to provide students a more practical approach to business, which we found to be missing in the daily life at the university, by offering them an insight into current topics and developments. Our focus lies on consulting and management.

Fairness & Membership

Our society is open to everyone who may be interested in consulting and management. All students of the University of Vienna are welcome to become a member of our society.
The membership is free. Once a member, the students keep their membership until they finish their education or further notice. There are no fees if a student wants to either enter or exit the society.


The activities of the Business Consulting Society are not orientated towards achieving any financial profit.

Political independence

The Business Consulting Society is a society by and for students. We oppose any political affiliation.